Community Updates: RLCS Roster

RLCS Roster Announcement, BGC Lawrence, & Stateline Showdown Finale

Oct 27, 2023

Pioneers fans,
October has been a rewarding month for the Pioneers. Below are the Pioneers' recent highlights since the last newsletter:

  • Amphis from PWR and Fiberr from Ground Zero Gaming have joined the QuikTrip Pioneers Rocket League team for the 2023-2024 season 

  • The Pioneers opened a second Boys & Girls Club esports lounge and launched an Academy Team in Lawrence, Kansas 

  • Get ready for the Grand Finale of the Stateliness Showdown Series on November 11

Welcome Amphis and Fiberr to Pioneers Rocket League 

We are thrilled to extend a warm welcome to the latest trailblazers to join the QuikTrip Pioneers Rocket League team: Amphis and Fiberr! Hailing from PWR and Ground Zero Gaming, respectively, these prodigious players bring unparalleled skill and passion to our QuikTrip Pioneers Rocket League team. With a legacy forged on the virtual battlegrounds, Amphis and Fiberr are ready to make their mark alongside our seasoned player, Scrub. As our gaming family grows stronger, we eagerly anticipate the dynamic synergy and thrilling matches that lie ahead. Here’s to a future filled with high-flying goals, jaw-dropping saves, and the camaraderie that makes esports extraordinary. Buckle up, fellow fans – the Pioneers Rocket League team is soaring to new heights, and the adventure is just beginning!

Pioneers Expand Boys & Girls Club Partnership in Lawrence, Kansas

In a groundbreaking move, the Pioneers have announced a collaboration with the Boys & Girls Club of Lawrence (BGCLK) to inaugurate an esports lounge, marking another stride to make esports more accessible to youth. The BGCLK esports lounge ribbon-cutting ceremony took place on October 26 and is a testament to the Pioneers' commitment to connecting local youth with the esports industry.

This partnership goes beyond bricks and mortar, encompassing year-round programming and the establishment of the BGCLK Academy Team, enabling esports enthusiasts to compete in Rocket League tournaments under the guidance of Coach Jar. Thanks to a partnership with LEVELUP Arena, the integration of esports into the Boys & Girls Club of Lawrence community promises to be seamless, with technology consultations ensuring a smooth transition.

This collaboration also introduces a pioneering Content Creation Mentorship Program, where Pioneers Content Creator Nick Rich provides hands-on experience learning how to become a Content Creator. With this program, the Pioneers are fostering a love for gaming and emphasizing its potential as a viable career path. The Esports Lounge, operational since the start of the 2023-2024 school year, represents another step in the Pioneers’ ongoing goal to eliminate barriers and create opportunities for youth to gain access to esports.

The Grand Finale of the Stateline Showdown Series is Here!

Get ready, gaming enthusiasts! The much-anticipated moment has arrived – the Grand Finale of the Stateline Showdown Series is about to kick off at LEVELUP Arena, featuring adrenaline-pumping 5v5 Valorant battles that promise to set the gaming world ablaze. What makes this event even more thrilling? It's absolutely free to enter, offering every budding esports star a chance to shine. Thanks to the generous backing of the Army National Guard, the stakes have never been higher, with a whopping $2,500 prize pool awaiting the victors. Your opportunity to be a part of this epic showdown is now. Rally your team, showcase your gaming prowess, and seize your moment of esports glory. Head to our website, sign up, and embark on your journey to immortality in the esports realm. Register here.