KCP Chronicles: Pioneers Brawl Stars Claim June Monthly Finals Crown

KCP Chronicles: Pioneers Brawl Stars Claim June Monthly Finals Crown

Jun 21, 2024

KCP Chronicles: Pioneers claim June Monthly Finals Crown

Written by Trey Donovan

The KC Pioneers had an active weekend with both the Brawl Stars team and the Apex Legends team playing this weekend. We will focus on the Brawl Stars weekend in this one. The Brawl Stars team had a great weekend with the June Monthly Finals getting first place and building a lead in the North America division.

Heading into June, the Pioneers were on the outside looking in for a spot in the World Finals in a top four spot. Needing to get some points in the June Finals to try to get a top two spot, the Pioneers looked to rampage through the bracket. Their first match was against Mystic Esports NA.

Game one saw the Pioneers dominate in gem grab as they took the set 2-0 to take a 1-0 series lead. In game two, Mystic looked more competitive as they took a round off of the Pioneers in knockout, but the Pioneers would take the third set. With a 2-0 series lead, it looked like the Pioneers would sweep Mystic, but in center stage Mystic took over and won game three. With momentum, Mystic looked to start a reverse sweep, but in heist the Pioneers put their foot down and won 2-0.

With a place in the semifinals the Pioneers had to wait for either Tribe Gaming or Ninjas F/A to finish their match. Tribe Gaming would win that match and pin the Pioneers against one of the favorites in North America, who held a top two spot. This is when the Pioneers took over as they swept Tribe only losing one set in the whole series, that is a 6-1 dominant showing.

Taking care of Tribe Gaming set up a big chance for the Pioneers to take a top two spot, but with Elevate losing in the Quarterfinals it looked like a certainty for the Pioneers to take a top two spot. In the grand finals, the Pioneers faced off against STMN Esports.

Looking to dominate again, the Pioneers actually got off to a really slow start in the grand finals. STMN came out strong and got a relatively easy 2-0 series lead heading into brawl ball for a chance to sweep the Pioneers. Well, the Pioneers weren’t having any of that as they got hot in game three getting a win. That momentum was all the Pioneers needed as they dominated STMN in games four and five to finish off the reverse sweep.

With the June Finals crown the Pioneers also claimed the number one seed in North America and have a 30-point lead over Elevate. They are also the only North American team to win two of the monthly finals winning the April finals as well. Juan Carlos, Secondbest, and Pain will have some time to celebrate this win but will return to action on July 6 for July Qualifiers. Congratulations to the squad.