KCP Chronicles: Pioneers enter Mobile Gaming with Brawl Stars

KCP Chronicles: Pioneers enter Mobile Gaming with Brawl Stars

May 20, 2024

KCP Chronicles: Pioneers enter Mobile Gaming with Brawl Stars & Top 8 Finish.

Written by Trey Donovan

The Pioneers have made their way to the mobile Esports scene signing a Brawl Stars squad. With the move the Pioneers joined another Esport and look to continue to build their brand. The announcement of the squad comes new faces with the Pioneers.

The team’s name before they signed with the Pioneers was the Juan Carlos team, and with the name comes the proverbial captain, Juan Carlos. Carlos is flanked by Pain and Secondbest to round out the players. All of these players are highly skilled as they are a top four squad in North America. They also bring along long time coach Filip47 as well as analyst LukLuk23 and manager iiNK to fully round out the squad.

The brand-new Brawl Stars team for the Pioneers have finished up their first tournament with the squad. In the May North America Monthly Finals, the squad faced off against eventual champions Motomamis F/A to start the tournament.

It wasn’t the ideal start to the tournament as the Pioneers lost the game one gem grab two to nothing. Game two on the heist game mode was more of the same as the team lost map control early on and started slowly. In Game three, the teams played brawl ball and the Pioneers started to show life. In the first round of the game, the Pioneers got some key eliminations to get a round win, but after that it was Motomamis F/A that took the rest of the rounds.

While it wasn’t the start they wanted to begin with, the squad took home $2,500 and 35 BSC points to maintain their top four status in North America. They keep that top four status heading into the June Qualifier’s looking to punch their ticket to the World Finals as the top two seeds qualify for it and the Pioneers are currently the third seed.