KCP Chronicles: Pioneers Rejoin ALGS with Popular 'Tripods' Roster

KCP Chronicles: Pioneers Rejoin ALGS with Popular 'Tripods' Roster

Jun 18, 2024

Pioneers rejoins Apex Legends signing “Tripods,” they finish seventh in first event since signing

Written by Trey Donovan

It has been a while since the KC Pioneers have been in Apex. The first team left last October after not being resigned. Now, the Pioneers have signed an up and coming “Tripods” squad who have had success in the scene for a while now.

The team consists of “Deeds,” “Gent”, and “Onmuu” who have all been in the pro Apex scene for a couple of seasons. Deeds is the youngest of the bunch at 20 but has won his fair share of events in his career. Gent and Onmuu have had a lot of success in their careers at G2 Esports and 100 Thieves and look to build a roster that competes in North America.

Over this past weekend the Pioneers Apex squad had their debut in the Apex Global Series at the North America Split 2 pro league. The team in this split was holding on to a top 11 spot, needed to qualify for the Split 2 playoffs, and looked to continue to build off of some momentum.

In the second round of the second split the Pioneers came out firing. Game one saw the team finish in third behind the teams Most Hated, and Not Moist. Game one saw the Pioneers tie for the lead in kills with 11. The rest of the matches would not be as intense as game one.

In game two of six, the Pioneers only had one kill but finished fifth to take away some points. The first two rounds were the big highlights of the series as the Pioneers went into a slump the rest of the way. Even with that slump they would finish twelfth in the event but are tied for fourth in the North America standings for the ALGS: Split two Playoffs.

The first event back for the Pioneers had some ups and downs, but staying in the top four is great. With another round of the Split 2 pro league around the corner the Pioneers can get back to action and build up to the regional final. The squad suits up again on June 23 and the Pioneers discord will have a watch party for the event.