KCP Chronicles: Quiktrip Pioneers Qualify for Worlds

KCP Chronicles: Quiktrip Pioneers Qualify for Worlds

Jun 21, 2024

KCP Chronicles: Quik Trip Pioneers Qualify for Worlds

Written by Trey Donovan

The QuikTrip Pioneers might not have made it to Major two in London this weekend, but the biggest news for them has happened. With the Chiefs needing to not win two series the QT Pioneers could qualify for Worlds at Fort Worth this season.

The Chiefs first match was up against Team Vitality, who were the second seeded Europe team heading into Major two. The reigning World champs 3-0’d Chiefs in the first round of the Swiss Stage. Chiefs then played Team Secret in round two needing to win. Team Secret took game one shutting out the Chiefs. The Chiefs answered back with a four-goal game to tie the series. Then in back-to-back games both teams shut each other out to get to an important game five. Team Secret would win game five 2-1 to put the Chiefs on the brink of bowing out.

On day two of the Major, the Chiefs played Gamin Gladiators, who have been a consistent team coming from the Asia-Pacific region. All the games in this series were close ones, but Gaimin Gladiators would sweep the Chiefs. That would be the final match for them in Major two and the QT Pioneers would qualify for Worlds.

The QT Pioneers claim the second seed in the OCE after the Chiefs bow out of Major two and head down to Texas on Sept. 10 to participate in their third straight Worlds. Congratulations to Mock, Fiberr, Superlachie, and Amphis. See you at Fort Worth in September.